Safer Streets

A safer city is one with an increased sense of safety in the community, measurable reductions in crime as well as fire related incidents, and an increase the sense of trust among Police. We also track vehicle accidents as we want to ensure citizens are able to live the lives they want to and not be hampered financially and physically by being involved in a vehicle accident.
Things We're Tracking
  • Crime and Police - When crime is occurring, what types of crimes, and where they occur. 
  • Fire Services - How long does it take to respond, how many building fires are occurring, where are incidents occurring, what trends are we seeing.
  • Vehicle Involved Accidents - What types of accidents are occurring, where are they occurring, when are they occurring.

Crime and Police: Property Crime

The Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) is the primary law enforcement organization serving Chattanooga, Tennessee. The CPD responds 24 hours a day, seven days a week to any requests for police service within the city limits.  CPD's mission is "To Keep You, Your Family, and Our Community Safe."  This is accomplished through neighborhood policing, investigations, traffic enforcement, and other special operations.  Critical to the success of CPD's mission is trust and confidence from the surrounding community.  The data being used in the following dashboards is updated nightly, and due to the nature of criminal investigations, results can change and differ from what is reported by the FBI/TBI.

Property Crime Locations

The map to the right of Property crime shows it occurs throughout the City, but based on the data, hot spots for Shoplifting Property crime show generally areas around malls and shopping complexes.  Property crime affects all citizens of Chattanooga by negatively impacting them financially through loss of property and time taken off work to deal with consequences.  There's also a significant amount of theft from motor vehicles around shopping centers.

Crime and Police: Violent Crime

Violent Crime and Domestic Violence have severe significant impacts on the community.  Victims of violent crime are more likely to experience effects of PTSD as well as comorbid disorders and adjustment difficulties, such as depression, aggressive behavior, and drug or alcohol abuse.  Research has also found that increases in crime and violent crime in areas leads to citizen's increased psycological trauma and inability to enjoy their community.   CPD actively pursues and investigates all violent crimes to seek resolution to those affected by the crime.  The Family Justice Center of Chattanooga also works to provide victims with necessary services and help them create a safer living space for themselves.  According to a study conducted in 2016 by the University of Marlyand, merely reporting a domestic violent crime to police results in a 34 percent decrease in risk of re-victimization, and seeking victim services similar to the FJC results in a 40 percent decrease in risk of re-victimization.

Violent Crime Distributions

Per the chart to the right, the most common form of violent crime within Chattanooga is Aggravated Assault making up 75% of incidents.  Monthly Aggravated Assault counts tend to be between 90 and 110; and almost half of all those incidents are cleared by arrest.  This is in line with FBI crime statistics on clearances for Aggravated Assaults for Cities with  a population similar to Chattanooga.

Fire Services

The Chattanooga Fire Department(CFD) responds to a multitude of calls beyond just responding to Fires.  A majority of calls are emergency related and deal with EMS issues.  The CFD is a career department that responds to over 19,000 emergencies annually. The department serves the citizens, properties, and visitors of the city of Chattanooga, which has the fourth largest population in the state of Tennessee at 177,571 (U.S. Census Bureau estimate, 2016). The department protects an immense and growing 144 square miles in Hamilton County, and has additional technical rescue duties. Every citizen, visitor, and every square foot provide the basis for the department's existence and mission.

Building Fire Locations

A core function of the Chattanooga Fire Department is to quickly respond to Building Fires that occur within the City of Chattanooga.  The map to the left is a heat map of all Building fires that have occurred in Chattanooga in the past three years.  The data shows some residential areas in Chattanooga are disproportionately affected by Fires.

Assist Invalid Responses

Using data available, CFD has noticed a consistent upward trend over the years in Non-Emergency Assist Invalid responses (Code 554).  These calls often involve individuals who need assistance with common tasks, or at the most serious, can be issues getting up from a lying or sitting position.  CFD is using the data to work actively with surrounding agencies that provide services to those in need, thus saving taxpayer money by decreasing the amount of Assist Invalid calls they must respond to.

Vehicle Involved Accidents

In an effort to reduce Motor Vehicle Accidents that involve Fatalities and/or Severe Injury, the Chattanooga Department of Transportation and the Police Department have teamed up to identify trends in MVAs and what evidence based treatments they can do to help prevent them.   CDOT can work to implement traffic calming, access to sidewalks/bike lanes, and improved lighting in areas where MVAs occur; and CPD can work to implement targeted enforcement, community awareness campaigns, among other initiatives. 

Vehicle Incidents by Time and Collision Type

Based on the data, there is an increase in vehicle incidents from 3pm to 6pm; which is what one would intuitively think given more vehicles are on the road at this time.  There are significantly more Front to Rear collisions during these times are well.  Collisions with fixed objects (Not Collision with Motor Vehicle in Transport) seem to occur throughout all hours at a similar rate.

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