Property Crime

Property Crimes

The Chattanooga Police Department Neighborhood policing is consciously working to reduce instances of Part 1 Property Crimes.  The types are Auto Theft, Theft from a Motor Vehicle, Burglary often through breaking and entering, and All other Part 1 Property Crimes which include Shoplifting and Larceny among other charges. 

Monthly Part 1 Property Crime Counts

Below is a chart showing the breakdown of monthly Part 1 Property Crime types.  Theft from Motor Vehicle experiences the highest seasonality with significant reductions in the winter months.

Map of Part 1 Property Crime

Below is a map of Part 1 Property Crime in the past 90 days.  Looking at specific Incident Types, it can be seen that instances of shoplifting occur around malls and commercial areas, which is expected.  Motor vehicle theft tends to occur in the downtown area as well as around major shopping locations.

Part 1 Property Crime by Council District

The graph below shows the property crime incidents for the past year for each council district.  As expected, district 4 has a signficant amount of shoplifting incidents as there are many commercial and retail spaces in that area.