Growing Economy

A growing local economy supported by diverse businesses ensures the health and well-being of any city. To provide a high quality of life for our residents, we must work to provide Chattanoogans access to economic opportunity.
Things We're Tracking:
Commercial and Industrial Permits - We track how long it takes to issue commercial permits to create the infrastructure needed to bring more jobs to the City of Chattanooga.  Creating a construction friendly environment within Chattanooga is essential to businesses expanding and providing more opportunity.
Business Licenses - We actively track new business licenses issued within the City of Chattanooga to better understand where new business locations are trending and what types of businesses are being created.
Increase Connectivity - Our Department of Transportation actively maintains connections such as roadways, sidewalks, and bike lanes to ensure citizens of Chattanooga are able to travel to their jobs in the most efficient way possible.

Commercial and Industrial Permits

The Land Development Office seeks to ensure the public's health, safety, and welfare through the enforcement of adopted building, electrical, plumbing, gas and mechanical codes and the Zoning Ordinance. This enforcement promotes the economic health of the City of Chattanooga by enhancing business development, retention, and neighborhoods.  All permits for construction and alteration of Commercial properties within Chattanooga goes through the LDO.

Commercial Permit Locations

The map to the right contains information on all Commercial Building or Land Disturbing permits issued this past fiscal year.  The size of the dot indicates a higher estimated project cost determined by the permit applicant.  Click on a dot to see more information regarding the permit.

Business Licenses and Economic Indicators

In order to do business within the City of Chattanooga, entrepreneurs must obtain a business license with the City of Chattanooga.  The City typically sees 100 new business registered with the City each month.  We also track data provided by the US Census Bureau around the economic health of the City to focus programs on economic areas that may need it the most.

Areas of Unemployment

Using data from the most recent American Community Survey results, census tracts can be identified that have high unemployment rates, thus good targets for economic outreach.


A connected transportation network is critical to the success of a growing economy.  Constituents and those doing business within the City of Chattanooga must be able to easily travel to and from their jobs to continue the economic growth of the City.  A well functioning, connected transportation network is defined by the ability to respond to requests by citizens to maintain the traffic network measured in service requests and work orders; and it is measured by the ability to easily move through the network, measured by traffic flow.

Traffic Flow by Hour

The data used to construct the chart below is pulled from Waze.  As expected, rush hour times are often when traffic is more at a stand still or heavy traffic.  What is also interesting to see, is Tuesday and Thursday seem to have the best traffic flow; select a Day of the Week below to see for yourself.

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