Fagan Street

Welcome to Fagan Street

South Chattanooga is on the cusp of revitalization and with that comes many opportunities and challenges. Fagan Street is a very notable street within the South Chattanooga community in need of some priority attention. This dashboard was created to help residents conceptualize a renewed Fagan Street by focusing on public safety, code enforcement, ownership and zoning information. As the community begins to grow we want to ensure that no street is overlooked, starting with Fagan Street.
The City of Chattanooga is providing data regarding the mayor's One Chattanooga initiative. The following datasets below display 311 service calls, code violations, public safety (police incident reports) and property ownership and zoning information.   
Source: Chatta Data

Code Enforcement

The following chart depicts the total number of code violationreported on Fagan Street for January 2021 - January 2023.

311 Service Request

This chart provides data on the most frequent 311 service request request in District 7.

Code Violation map

This map shares the detailed code violation types and number of violations reported on Fagan Street within the last 90 days. (Select filters to change date ranges)

Owner and Zoning Map

This map contains data on exempt properties and zoning types for structures in the Alton Park Area.