City of Chattanooga Council Redistricting

Every 10 years after the decennial census, the City of Chattanooga must redraw the Council Districts in order to meet certain federal requirements as well as the City Charter.  The below dashboard contains the map of the NEW Council Districts (note these have been approved by City Council) as well as table for population values and a PDF of the presentation delivered to City Council outlining the redistricting process. 

New Council Districts

Below is a map of the new City Council Districts.  The red lines indicate the previous City Council Districts and the shaded in regions represent the new districts.  You can also toggle neighborhood associations by clicking the text "Neighborhood Associations" below.

For further analysis, a table with the population values for the new districts is below.  For population values with 2020 census data with existing data, please refer to the presentation.

Below are PDFs of all presentations delivered to City Council during the redistricting.