311 Service Requests

The 311 Call Center is your One Call to City Hall for all non emergency and non medical needs. We answer calls for all departments in Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Neighborhood Services, Traffic Administration as well as City Court for Traffic Violations. Even if it is not a city service, we will do what we can to direct you to the right place. Our goal is to provide quality customer service.  The data used in the visualizations below is pulled from the 311 system where almost all service requests reside.

What We're Tracking:

  • Where are 311 service requests occurring?
  • What types of 311 service requests are submitted, does it vary by area?
  • How is our on time rate based on targets we set for each 311 request? Which take the longest?  City departments and divisions that fulfill the service requests set their own targets based on historic data which is then automatically fed into the 311 system.

Top 311 Service Requests and Time to Complete

Per the chart below, Brush Collection and Bulk Trash are significantly the most common 311 service request types.  Both of these are completed by the Public Works Division, Citywide Services.  Despite being high volume, the City regularly completes these requests on average in about 4 days.  Bagged yard waste requests seem to take slightly longer, though there are significantly less of these requests.  Missed garbage is picked up within the next two days on average.

Late Request Heat Map

The map below is a heat map of 311 service requests that were NOT completed on time in the past 30 days.  This gives an ideas of if there are any spots ballooning with late requests that need to be addressed.  Click on the request type drop down to select specific requests types or change the dates by clicking the date selection drop down.

On Time Completion Top Six Requests

Below are on time completion rates for month to month FY21 for the top six service request types.  The overall target for these requests was set last year at 94% for all request types.   Loose leaf collection occurs at specific times in the fall and winter, thus there is a 0% completed in the summer months as there is no loose leaf collection occurring.  

Seasonality of Top Service Requests

There are three top service requests that have a known seasonality.  The most common service request by far is brush collection.  This request begins increasing in the spring, peaks in the summer, and decreases during the fall.  It follows the natural pattern of people performing more yard work in the warmer months and high growth seasons.  The second seasonal service request is loose leaf collection, which is very common in November through January as this is when leaves hit the ground.  The final seasonal request is not as obvious, but potholes have a small spike in March through May as the wet weather tends to increase the amount of potholes in the area.  Interact below to select other service requests, dates, and the on time indicator.

Average Days to Complete

The below chart shows the average days to complete for the top four 311 request types.  The expected service time for brush and bulk trash collections are to be completed within four days, indicated by the dashed line.  As is apparent, the average days significantly increased at the start of the COVID pandemic as well as the Easter tornado.  In recent months, the average days have come down, but have begun increasing with warmer weather.

Fiscal Year 2021

With the end of the fiscal year recently in June, it's important to take a quick look at how the City performed in fulfilling service requests submitted by citizens.  For 311 service requests, the division performing the request sets their own estimated days to complete, which is automatically fed into the 311 system. 
Typically, a citizen could expect their service request to be fulfilled within a week.  This varies significantly indicated in the data at the top of the dashboard.