Chattanooga Public Library

The Chattanooga Public Library serves City of Chattanooga residents through its main library in downtown Chattanooga and through four branches. The data presented here is collected monthly and grouped by fiscal year. Visit the Chattanooga Public Library website fore more information:

Where Are People Checking Out the Library?

This bar chart shows the number of circulations for each branch of the Public Library. The graph by default is showing the circulation count for fiscal year 2022 and can be changed to show circulation by a particular month or category using the filter on the right. Items that are available digitally are separated into a "Digital" branch.  

What Are People Checking Out?

This stacked bar chart shows each branch's circulation split up by category. Hover the mouse over each bar to show the category name and percent of total circulation. The filter on the right can be used to show the circulation of a given month or to show certain branches. Categories only found digitally are in a separate "Digital" branch. 

What is the Library Using In-House?

This stacked bar chart shows the circulation by branch for items used inside the library. The filter can be used to show certain months or a different fiscal year. 

How Many Items Does the Library Own?

This bar chart shows the total items owned by the Public Library by month during the fiscal year 2022. 

Who is Checking Out the Library?

Library borrowers are divided into two demographics: Adult or Juvenile. This stacked bar chart shows the combined total of borrowers between all library branches colored by demographic for the fiscal year. Hovering the mouse over the chart shows the percentage of either two demographics in a given month.

How Many Visits Does the Library Website Get?

Below is the visitor count for the Public Library Website by month for the fiscal year. Want to add to this count? Visit the site here:

Comparing Years

Theses bar charts show the Public Library's circulation and in-house usage from year to year. 

How Many Programs Did the Library Have?

This is a bar chart drilldown for the number of programs the Public Library had. Click on any of the bars in the chart to show the number of programs by month for a given date range. The date range can be changed using the filter to the right. Programs held digitally are counted as a separate "Digital" branch.